GARY-B-DISCO'S - "Playing What You Want"

About GaryB

Well where to start ?

I have been entertaining folks with my disco's for over twenty years now &
have enjoyed every minute of it & so have many of my customer's

From the 50's right up to present day
What ever your taste in music, be it classical or even heavy metal , it makes no difference.
With a reasonable sized collection of music, i am sure to have something to help you & your guests party hard into the night.

Requests are welcomed as i believe that all suggestions help everyone enjoy the evening a whole lot better, as everyone gets to hear something they like or wants to dance to.

As a D.J. i do love to make every event special, through the music thats played or fancy dress (yes fancy dress) or both.

What ever you decide on.
Be assured i will do my best to meet your party needs.

Like what you have read ??
Pickup the phone!


I look forward to hearing from you.


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